CAN YOU HEAR WHAT I SEE by Margherita Dell'Era



Margherita Dell'Era
Projekt type
Graduation Project
IBOS – Instituttet for Blinde og Svagtsynede, Beacon (Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired)


Communication designer, Margherita Dell'Era, is motivated to demonstrate that design can make a difference for people. In her graduation project titled 'Aria' she applies new technology in order to create a dialogue between the sighted and the visually impaired. New technology has improved the daily life for the visually impaired with numerous practical solutions, but there is still a large potential for solutions that support social relations and inclusion. Margherita Dell'Era uses the beacon technology to create richly emotional experiences between people. Beacon are chips that emit information via Bluetooth signals when one walks past with a telephone with an associated app.

'Aria' is a system that uses beacons to broadcast music composed by visually impaired people based on their emotions and impressions of an outdoor experience. The goal is to open up the understanding of the visually impaired to the sighted in a different and exciting way.