Homeless women menstruate too by Paul Lequay



Paul Lequay
Industrielt Design
Projekt type
MA project
No More Taboo
Ruby Cup
Iga Slowik


Collaboration with No More Taboo and Ruby Cup on cleaning device and educational tools for menstrual cup

‘No more taboos about menstruation! Our work has aimed to raise awareness and empower homeless women regarding management of their menstruation. We wanted to create a safe way for homeless women to use the menstrual cup outside or in public toilets both for homeless and wealthy women. We therefore designed an educational tool that teaches them how to safely insert it. The second part of the project is a cleaning device for the cup that can be used in public toilets, avoiding any unsanitary practices or the embarrassment of cleaning it in a public sink.’

@Iga Slowik and Paul Lequay
Industrial Design
#equality #socialdesign #sustainability #womenempowerment #taboo #health
Instagram: @nomoretaboo_homeless