When Modernism Went To Monastery by Bjarke Bisgaard



Bjarke Bisgaard
Projekt type
Final Master Project
MP Denmark

When Modernism Went To Monastery

For my masterproject I have been inspired by Le Corbusier's monastery in the Southern France, "La Tourette". The building is build in the style of brutalism, decending from modernism. I have used the graphic details of the concrete walls and windows for my collection. I have combined this simple lines with the way monks are dressed, creating a combination from the cleaness of modernism with the heavy and draped look of the monks. It has been important for me to work with sustainability and I have worked with different sustanable elements in my master, chosing materials and desigsolutions that in some way are methods of working with sustainability. Its a menswear collection mixing both classical references with more daring materials and shapes.