2. KOT application

Instructions for the KOT application

You must apply for admission to Design School Kolding through the Coordinated Application (KOT). Your application must be submitted digitally with NemID via www.optagelse.dk. You can find instructions for the digital application on www.optagelse.dk. If you do not have a Danish civil registration number www.optagelse.dk will provide instructions on how to apply.

The application deadline is 15 March 2019 at 12.00

Reply to the KOT application

After 15 March we will evaluate all KOT applications. If your admission criteria fulfil the requirements you will receive an email, no later than 22 March 2019, with your participation number, which you have to use during the rest of the admission process. We will also inform you if we cannot accept your application criteria.

Together with the participation number you will receive a form that we would like you to fill out. It will be used in case you are called for an interview.

What should I upload as attachments to my application?

If you have passed the Danish general upper secondary examination your diploma will automatically be attached to your KOT application if you passed the exam in 2004 or later. If you have an international degree or your Danish degree is prior to 2004 you must upload your diploma as an attachment to your KOT application.

Note: If you sit for your qualifying exam in the summer of 2019 we must receive the documentation that you passed the exam no later than 5 July 2019 at 12.00.

If you do not apply through NemID you will receive a signature page on www.optagelse.dk when you have completed your application. You must email the signature page to optagelse@dskd.dk. Your application is not valid and will be rejected unless we receive the signature page by 15 March 2019 at 12.00.

If you apply for an exemption from a qualifying examination or other circumstances you must upload your application and documentation as attachments to your KOT application.

If you have taken courses or completed programmes on the bachelor level (point 9 in the KOT application) you must also upload proof hereof. More information is available in the section about ‘merit’. Remember you have an obligation to disclose all relevant information.

Proof of Folk High School attendance, work experience, internships, extracurricular activities, trips abroad, etc. are irrelevant to your application to the design programme, so do not upload those.

Line of study

It is important to indicate which line of study you are applying for. You do that in point 3 (line of study) on the KOT application. You can only apply to be accepted on one line of study in the design programme.

We offer the following lines of study at the bachelor level:

Accessory Design
Industrial Design
Communication Design
Fashion and Textile design

Application for standby admission

Design School Kolding has set aside a small number of standby places (waiting list places) which you can apply for when you apply for admission to the school.

The standby positions are awarded to those applicants whose admission criteria are just below what is required for admission. If an admitted applicant backs out his place is offered to the applicant who has been awarded standby admission. If you have been awarded standby admission but are not offered a place in the programme your standby admission will au-tomatically be converted into an acceptance for a place in the programme the following academic year, for the line of study you have requested. However, you still have to apply for admission the following year. Read more about standby admission under FAQ.

Special considerations

In case of certain types of handicap the school can take special considerations into account during the admission process. If you request special considerations you must attach the necessary documentation to your application. The application must be received no later than 15 March 2019 at 12.00.

3. Portfolio