3. Portfolio

Instructions for portfolio

A portfolio is a folder with visual examples of work and projects you have completed and worked on. The portfolio must be in an A3 format (42 cm x 29.7 cm). There are no requirements in term of number of pages. In general, we are more interested in quality than quantity. We evaluate the portfolio based on our admission criteria:

  • Ability to analyse and register
  • Ability to relate your suggested solution to other people (users)
  • Ability to produce, develop and communicate ideas
  • Ability to handle and develop form, function, materials and media
  • Ability to draw and communicate visually
  • Ability to communicate verbally 
  • Ability to reflect on your professional potential
  • Persistence – willingness to explore and pursue your potential

Overall we want to uncover your talent. Talent consists of three things: Potential, passion and determination. In order to be accepted the applicant must possess all three.


Your portfolio must be marked with your name, and with the unique participation number, which you have received by email from Design School Kolding.

Delivery of portfolio

You must bring your portfolio to the entrance examination.

4. Optagelsesprøve