4. The entrance examination

Instructions for the entrance examination

All applicants with a qualifying exam – or an exemption – are invited to sit for the entrance exam. The exam will consist of different individual assignments and a group project. The assignments will collectively test your:

  • Ability to analyse and register
  • Ability to relate your suggested solution to other people (users)
  • Ability to produce, develop and communicate ideas
  • Ability to handle and develop form, function, materials and media
  • Ability to draw and communicate visually
  • Ability to communicate orally
  • Ability to reflect on your professional potential 
  • Persistence – willingness to explore and pursue your potential

Overall we want to uncover your talent. Talent consists of three things: Potential, passion and determination. In order to be accepted the applicant must possess all three.

Dates for the entrance examination (applicants should only participate one weekend)

The weekend 7-8 April, both days 9.00-17.00: Accessory Design, and Fashion and Textile Design
The weekend 14-15 April, both days 9.00-17.00: Industrial Design, and Communication Design

The entrance exam takes place at
Design School Kolding
Ågade 10
6000 Kolding

What should you bring to the entrance exam?

Your portfolio
Writing and drawing implements

5. Samtale