5. Interview

Instructions for interview

If you obtain a satisfactory result in your entrance examination we will invite you to a personal interview. The interview lasts about 15 minutes during which you will talk to teachers from the school about your entrance examination and your portfolio. The interview gives us a more nuanced picture of your talent and development potential as a designer.

For the interview you will be asked to: Start by presenting your portfolio Justify your choice of education Put your future career as a designer into perspective – what do you want to do with your education? Tell us about your journey up until now – what experiences have contributed to where you are today?

Motivation and career plans

Immediately after the interview you will be asked to fill out a motivation and career chart. With this chart we want to make sure that your expectations for the design programme and your future work life match the requirements and opportunities you are likely to encounter.

Overall evaluation

Once you have completed all parts of the admission process your performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Ability to analyse and register
  • Ability to relate your suggested solution to other people (users)
  • Ability to produce, develop and communicate ideas
  • Ability to handle and develop form, function, materials and media 
  • Ability to draw and communicate visually
  • Ability to communicate orally 
  • Ability to reflect on your professional potential
  • Persistence – willingness to explore and pursue your potential

Overall we want to uncover your talent. Talent consists of three things: Potential, passion and determination. In order to be accepted the applicant must possess all three.

6. Tilbud om studieplads

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