design research and development

Knowledge foundation and knowledge building

The school's educational programmes are supported by a three-pronged knowledge base: knowledge from research, knowledge from artistic development and knowledge from practice. Our R&D contributes to the teaching that takes place at the school – and vice versa – and is often carried out in close collaboration with private and public companies, as well as designers and researchers from other educational institutions. Thus we help increase the understanding of the important role that design plays in the rethinking and development of all segments of our society. This applies to areas such as the experience you get as a patient in a hospital, the way we train our children as well as the continued innovation and value creation in companies, in the cultural life and in the welfare sector in general.

Research portal

All of Design School Kolding's research is available through a research portal, which allows easy access to our researchers and their work - for journalists, public authorities, companies and scholars.


Scientific research and artistic development activities are centred in the school's three laboratories: Lab for Sustainability and Design, Lab for Social Design and Lab for Play and Design – areas that represent the school's strategic foci. The laboratories generate knowledge and exemplify how design contributes to the development and implementation of meaningful products, services and systems based on practice as well as the artistic approach to the subject.