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Research portal

All of Design School Kolding's research is available through a research portal, which allows easy access to our researchers and their work - for journalists, public authorities, companies and scholars.

About design research

Design School Kolding strives to be a leader within design research in Denmark. The school has been accredited since 2010 and conducts research at the highest level with special focus on sustainability, social design and play. It is important to the school that the research contributes to its teaching – and vice versa. The Cross Faculty Department is responsible for ensuring the proper integration of research into the day-to-day teaching.

Research at Design School Kolding must challenge and develop traditional design assumptions. The research is therefore often conducted in close cooperation with the business community and the cultural scene, and also often involves designers and researchers from other institutions, both nationally and internationally.

Research at Design School Kolding thus contributes to a better understanding of the important role design plays in the development of a society’s innovative dynamics. The school’s research supports the development of concepts and methods in design-led innovation processes in both the business community and the cultural scene, as well as in the public sector. The research is also important in the continuous changes to the knowledge base of design programmes.

Researchers at Design School Kolding have together come up with a common title for the research at the school: Sustainable Futures. With a broad understanding of the concept of sustainability, the researchers here try to imagine what the future will be like.

Areas of research

Researchers at Design School Kolding work on the following examples of basic research:

  • processes and methodology
  • aesthetics

Design School’s research efforts are centred on the three strategic research areas:

  • welfare
  • sustainability
  • play and design