1. Who is eligible to apply?

1. Who is eligible to apply?

Here you can read about the formal requirements that you must meet in order to apply for admission to the Master’s Programme at Design School Kolding.

You can get accepted to the Master’s Degree Programme if there are vacant spots and you have a relevant BA degree (or equivalent)

Graduates of Design School Kolding’s Bachelor Programme are automatically accepted to the Master’s Degree Programme the year they graduate and the following two years.

If you wish to apply, you must do so before the 1 March deadline, in the year you wish to be admitted.

International applicants

Foreign applicants who do not have Danish or another Nordic language as part of their qualifying examination are expected to sign up for Danish language classes while studying at Design School Kolding. Further information will be given soon.

The Master’s Degree Programme is free of charge for applicants from EU or EEA countries. For other applicants, the tuition fee amounts to € 13,000 per study year (2018 figure).

For more information, please contact the study administration. Non-EU/EEA applicants can of course apply for the two-year full-time Master's Degree.


Professional Master's Degree

Please note, that we can only admit applicants who are Danish or EU/EEA-citizens or have a residence permit, that is not only given for temporary residence into the Professional Master’s Degree, because it is a part-time-study programme.


The applicant may apply for exemption from having a qualifying BA exam and the Master’s Degree rule (not being able to apply if you have an MA degree already) if special circumstances exist. The application must be in writing and be substantiated, and any relevant documentation must be enclosed. The application will be processed by the study administration.

The deadline for submission of the exemption application is 1 February. The school can make special consideration for certain types of disabilities. Applications for special considerations must be attached to the admission application along with all necessary documentation.

The school must receive the application by 1 March at the latest.

All applications for exemptions must be sent to admission_master@dskd.dk before the respective deadlines stated above.

In doubt?

Applicants who are in doubt as to whether they meet the formal admission requirements are encouraged to contact Design School Kolding in due time before the application deadline.


Design School Kolding offers three scholarhips:

Gregers Sørensen and Wife Scholarship
One scholarship for specially talented non-EU students who need financial assistance. The scholarship consists of a paid tuition fee. Please, find the link to the description of the scholarship and the application form to your right.

Design for Play Student Scholarship
Design School Kolding, the LEGO Foundation and the LEGO Group have joined forces to establish the world’s first, exclusive two-year international Master’s Degree programme within Design for Play. The programme will produce a new generation of highly specialised designers who can help companies and organisations achieve their aim of supporting customers, users and employees in creating a world that supports children and people in general in becoming creative, engaged, lifelong learners. In order to create a diverse team of students two scholarships for special talented non-EU students in Design for Play who need financial assistance are offered. The scholarship consists of a paid tuition fee. Please, find the link to the description of the scholarship and the application form to your right.

You can also apply through other channels.

Sources of information on scholarships
Several scholarship programmes for both EU and non-EU students are listed at the EU-database Ploteus. PhD students and researchers should visit the European Researchers' Mobility Portal.

The Danish State Educational Support (SU)
The Danish State Educational Support (SU) is generally only awarded to Danish residents. As an international student you may, however, apply for equal status in so far as the state educational support is concerned. You may be granted equal status according to:

For details on how to apply, visit the website of the Danish Education Support Agency.

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