Class of 2019

United Diversity - Graduation Exhibition 2019

A new batch of design graduates offer their take on tomorrow’s design landscape in Design School Kolding’s graduation exhibition 2019. This year’s class numbers more than 50 new designers. They are talented, they are widely different, they are a team. They are United Diversity, and they are ready to take on the world NOW!

This year’s many graduation projects are presented in one of the large halls at Museet på Koldinghus, which for the occasion has been turned into a hybrid of different sports fields, where the young design talents express themselves, staying within and sometimes crossing the lines. In the centrally placed players’ tunnel visitors can meet the designers and hear about their ambitions for the future in short films supplemented with statements and autographs.

The over 50 graduation projects from the school’s six study programmes are presented on the field around the players’ tunnel.

The playful element of the exhibition was inspired by the school’s new master’s programme DESIGN FOR PLAY, which releases its first class of PLAY designers this year. Although DESIGN FOR PLAY is just one among several master’s programmes at Design School Kolding, the playful and curious exploration of a topic and the willingness to embrace unanticipated outcomes in a process are common denominators for the approach adopted by the new design graduates.

The presentation includes another first, as this year sees the first class of accessory designers graduate from Design School Kolding. They work with wearable accessories that may serve both a practical purpose and the purpose of expressing the wearer’s identity: shoes, bags, jewellery and wearables that combine welfare technology with jewellery design.

Alongside the PLAY and accessory designers the exhibition also presents the new design graduates from the familiar programmes: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design and Communication Design.

The class of 2019 shows great diversity with regard to cultural and disciplinary backgrounds, project types and design fields, but they graduate as a team – full of drive and constructive perspectives on a world that is calling for new solutions.

Time and place
The exhibition is open 28 June - 29 September 2019 at Museet på Koldinghus.

Thank you
The exhibition has received support from Augustinus Fonden Den Faberske Fond Tage Vanggaard og Hustrus Fond Krogager Fonden Municipality of Kolding

"Products should be designed in consideration of the context in which they will exist."
Madison Scheper, Industrial Design

"Design is about change, looking at things from a new perspective and striving to improve them."
Cinzia Damonte, Design for Play 

"I'm inspired by design that raises questions and invites discussions."
Lorenzo Bigatti, Communication Design

"Design is about creating a sense of meaning beyond physical form.”
Jovana Durovic, Textile Design

"I want to inspire people to connect with their clothes on an emotional level rather than throw them away.”
Tzlil Ross, Fashion Design

”Sustainability, to me, means that you can recycle all of a product's materials.”
Danica Mlynarikova, Accessory Design

This years MA projects

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