Career profiles

Career profiles

Career profiles

Once you graduate as a designer you will be faced with a world of opportunities.

Depending on your study programme you can choose to work with e.g. fashion, jewellery, shoes, interior and graphic design, and perhaps you will be able to land a job at e.g. ECCO, LEGO or Kopenhagen Fur, which are some of Design School Kolding's regular collaboration partners.

But you can also use your training to get a job in professions that you do not usually associate with design.

We have hand-picked a selection of designers trained at Design School Kolding in order to give you a sense of the unexpected turn that your career can take. For instance, you can read about Birkir, who is employed at Kolding Waste Water, Sidsel Skov Kragsnæs, who works for Silkeborg Municipality, and Pernille Farup Egetoft, who works at the Libraries of Vesthimmerland.

Philip Kongsgaard Døssing 

MA in Interaction Design, Design School Kolding, 2011.

Works as Senior Concept Designer in LEGO Group

Job description
Philip develops future designs in the company's development department, Future Lab.

Sidsel Skov Kragsnæs

MA in Communication Design, Design School Kolding, 2014.

Works as an illustrator with Silkeborg Municipality.

Job description
Katrine makes illustrations for building sites that are up for sale. The illustrations visualise dreams and give the website a personal expression.

Kathrine Gram Hvejsel

MA in Fashion, Design School Kolding, 2014.

Works as a fashion designer at Reebok World Headquarters, USA

Job description
Katrine works as an intern in the field of innovation. Her work ranges from next year's design briefs to designing buckles for sports bras and sewing models.

Pernille Farup Egetoft

MA in Communication Design, Design School Kolding.

Works as an intern at the Libraries of Vesthimmerland.

Job description
Pernille draws posters and contract logos and photographs and teaches at various workshops.

Birkir Gudmundsson

MA in Communication Design, Design School Kolding, 2014.

Works as an interaction designer at Kolding Spildevand A/S (Kolding Waste Water).

Job description
Birkir does various design and communications tasks focusing on giving citizens in Kolding Municipality a better understanding of what Kolding Spildevand does.

Christian Troels Hansen

MA in Industrial Design from Design School Kolding, 2012.


Job description
Christian works with design and concept development in collaboration with Danish and international companies e.g. Le Klint, LEGO, Menu A/S and Bolia. For his graduation project, Christian created the lamp series Mutatio which won 'Best Lamp' at the Design Awards 2014 and is produced by Le Klint.

Liu Halei

MA in Communication Design, Design School Kolding, 2014.

Works as a graphic designer at the design agency Kontrapunkt.

Job description
Works with digital design solutions. The Kontrapunkt client portfolio includes Taarbæk Municipality, Hotel d’Angleterre and the Images Festival.

Anne Danielsen

MA in Indutrial Design, Design School Kolding, 2012.

Works at the innovation agency Hatch & Bloom.

Job description
Anne interviews users, citizens and employees and subsequently generates ideas in collaboration with the company clients.