Meet Industrial Designer Po Chung Chen

Foldeskærmen er det moderne menneskes fortælling

Foldeskærmen er det moderne menneskes fortælling
I Po Chung Chens foldeskærm forenes klassisk, traditionelt taiwanesisk kunsthåndværk med det moderne menneskes behov. Fremtidens storby-borger vil ofte være single og råde over meget lidt boligplads i de trængte metropoler. Derfor fungerer foldeskærmen både som rumdeler, tøjstativ og kunstværk, idet ejeren selv vælger, hvilke klæder der skal vises frem på møblet. Tøjvalget bliver en del af kunstværket og et udtryk for ejerens personlige identitet. Projektnavnet 50% refererer til dikotomierne åbent-privat rum, traditionel-moderne, håndværk og masseproduktion.

The Folding Screen – the Narrative of Modern Man
In Po Chung Chen's folding screen, classic, traditional Taiwanese craft merges with the needs of modern man. In the future residents of large cities will often be single and have very limited living space in the congested metropolises. Therefore, the folding screen functions both as a room divider, a clothes stand and a work of art, where the owner chooses which clothes to display on the piece of furniture. The choice of clothing thus becomes part of the artwork and an expression of the owner's personal identity. The project name 50% refers to the dichotomies, open vs. private space, traditional vs. modern and craft vs. mass production.

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