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Joonas Riisalu
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Industrial Design
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Joonas Riisalu

Meet Industrial Designer Joonas Riisalu

Inviterer naturen indenfor

Inviterer naturen indenfor
Stigende urbanisering har medført tætbebyggede byer, hvor indbyggerne bruger mere tid indendørs. Det giver sensoriske afsavn, som vi mennesker slet ikke trives med, fordi vores evolutionære udvikling knytter os til naturen. Industriel designer Joonas Riisalu inviterer naturen indenfor med sin naturlige vinduesskærm, der både skærmer og inviterer lysets naturlige bevægelser med ind. Fra en selvvandende potte kravler planter op ad et stativ, der også reflekterer sollyset, så man inde fra stuen eller kontoret kan følge både plantevækst og den naturlige døgnrytme.

Invite Nature Inside
Increasing urbanisation has led to densely populated cities, where residents spend more time indoors. The result is sensory deprivation, which prevents us from thriving, because our evolutionary development ties us closely to nature. Industrial designer Joonas Riisalu invites nature inside with his natural window shade, which acts as a screen but also invites the natural movements of the light inside. From a self-watering pot, plants climb up a stand that also reflects the sunlight, so that it is possible to follow both the plant’s growth and the natural circadian rhythm from inside the living room or the office.

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