BACK TO YOUR ROOTS by Mashal Zawar



Mashal Zawar
Line of study
Project type
Ma project


Jaamdani - that’s good weaving!

On a global scale the fashion and textile industry is one of the most pervasive polluters of the environment. The only way we can improve the situation is by slowing down and consuming in a more sustainable fashion. That is Mashal Zawar’s strong belief, and in her graduation project she returns to her roots reviving the ancient Indian weaving technique of Jaamdani. Mashal Zawar wants to preserve the tradition and the history and at the same time create jobs for local craftsmen.

Mode- og tekstilindustrien er en af de mest massive miljøsyndere i verden. Den eneste måde, hvorpå vi kan forbedre situationen, er ved at sætte farten ned og forbruge mere bæredygtigt. Det mener Mashal Zawar, der i sit afgangsprojekt vender tilbage til rødderne og genopliver den gamle indiske væveteknik Jaamdani. Mashal Zawars ønske er at bevare tradition, historie og samtidigt skabe jobs til lokale håndværkere.

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