Design Saves Lives: The new Monitor Respirator Combined by Claus Kørup Jensen



Claus Kørup Jensen
Line of study
Industrial Design
Project type
MA Project
Kolding Hospital

The Machine

MRC 15 is a new anesthesia respirator with integrated monitor screen which is mobile.
The respirator protects you and your patient. The product’s vertical handles are in ergonomic position for all users, regardless of the height. The respirator is designed to follow you and the patient under a whole procedure without any interruptions, this ensures the control and safety of the patient.
Large wheels gives great mobility when you have to move to different rooms.
The screen can be 360° rotated and can be removed, and as an external monitor, controlled in an inclined ergonomic working position.
The patient’s airway hose and monitor are located close to the patient, when under an MR-scan.
The pressure hoses that provide gases to the patient is equipped with user-friendly coupling tubes, and spring cage, which quickly and securely rolls in the pressure hoses.
The respirator is equipped with space for gas cylinders that do not obstruct or interfere with any incoming obstacles. The exstra gas supply also insures a safe and uninterrupted procedure.
MRC 15 is designed for sterile environments, and has soft corners and surfaces.
The moveable pieces are equipped with a gauss meter, so the user always knows how close they can go to the magnetic field in the scanning room.
The yellow color indicates the important points in the daily proceducere, including change of patient hoses, direction indicators and focus points.

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