Drone - Handdrawn Animation about PTSD by Nanna Rosalia Sigaard



Nanna Rosalia Sigaard
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
Master Project

Drone - Handdrawn Animation about PTSD

How does it feel to live in a constant state of alert, haunted by memories, flashbacks and anxiety?
As a combat veteran suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - due to the horrors of war - you may be mentally amputated.

The film is a visual experience, communicating the inner war and chaos of a veteran with PTSD: contrasts in mind and the surroundings, a feeling of missing control, frustration and aggression and a feeling of being haunted by thoughts.
The film is aimed at an adult audience with and without knowledge of the subject, giving a sensory and physical experience to reflect and gain a greater understanding of the subject.
I think it´s important to tell stories about the very uncomfortable inner war some people are fighting, and in this project I as a designer have created a visual universe to communicate these emotions.

The film is drawn by hand and animated in 3D which makes the pictures more alive and the visual experience stronger.