Bo Frøsig
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
Master Project
Rumpistol • rump.nu


Eidolon is a co-operative discovery experience.
The player journeys through an array of Totems, a series of interactive sculptures and situations, build on stories and experiences told by cancer patients or people affected by cancer. The stories focus on three themes; togetherness, loneliness and triumph. The Totems describe mental states, thoughts and experiences related to treatment, daily life and the physical challenges of being a cancer patient.




The player can move freely between all of the Totems, to experience the game in a variety of compositions, in no specific order. Playing through these experiences then gives us, the players, a gentle understanding of the emotional challenges the people affected by cancer go through.
The aim though, has not been to educate or describe the terrible diseases of cancer, or how cancer attacks or how it is treated. - the game doesn’t even mention cancer directly!

Poetic games share tales that discuss political, societal and/or confessional topics, that gives them contextual and emotional value, and through interactivity they allow players to explore different perspectives.

The genre name ties to the world of Poetry, and they do share characteristics. I choose the name, mainly to piggyback off of the understanding that there is more than meets the eye, and there are strong emotional values tied to the content. - Poetic Games suggest, afford opportunities, and they demand an emotional investment.

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