Final Master Project - THE DANCER IS A BALINESE QUEEN by Kirsten Nydam



Kirsten Nydam
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final MA Project
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Final master project - THE DANCER IS A BALINESE QUEEN

Kirsten Nydam / final master project / The Dancer is a Balinese Queen

Final master project - THE DANCER IS A BALINESE QUEEN

My project is based on my fictional persona; a professional dancer with an active and urban lifestyle. She loves to perform and practice, but also to show off and stand out. As a dancer you live a life both as an artist and an athlete, and the clothes must therefore fulfill social needs in a dynamic environment, strengthen the body and allow smooth movement, as well as enhance the dancer's expression and image.
I found my inspiration in the world of Balinese art, culture and traditional clothing and costumes. I have transformed the bright colors, shapes, ornamented patterns and decorative and shiny details, into a sporty and modern dance- and streetwear collection, a complete wardrobe that fulfill the needs of my persona during leisure, practice, performing and chilling.
The collection is called THE DANCER IS A BALINESE QUEEN.