À fleur de peau by Ninon Charlotte Louise Lê Van



Ninon Charlotte Louise Lê Van
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Marie Nørgaard Nielsen

À fleur de peau

Meet Fashion Designer Ninon Charlotte Louise Lévan

Når hanblomsterne springer ud

Når hanblomsterne springer ud
Det feminine møder det maskuline i modedesigner Ninon Charlotte Louise Lê Vans blomstrede herretøjskollektion til den uhøjtidelige mand på omkring de 18-25. Med sin legende og humoristiske tilgang nedbryder hun med sine syv silhouetter klicheen om, at blomster er forbeholdt kvinder – vel at mærke uden at kompromittere det maskuline udtryk, som er intakt i form af referencer til traditionelt arbejdstøj karakteriseret ved mange lommer.

When the Male Flowers Bloom
The feminine meets the masculine in fashion designer Ninon Charlotte Louise Lê Van’s flowering menswear collection for the unpretentious male of about 18-25. With her playful and humorous approach, consisting of seven silhouettes, she breaks down the stereotype that flowers are a women’s prerogative . She does it, mind you, without compromising the masculine expression that remains intact in the form of references to traditional work clothes characterised by multiple pockets.

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