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Luisa Allegri
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Kræftrådgivningen i Vejle
Sponsor: Trevira GmbH, Kvadrat, Svensson

Luisa Allegri

Meet Textile Designer Luisa Allegri

Stof til eftertanke i ventetiden

Stof til eftertanke i ventetiden
Ventetid kan føles ulideligt lang. Det gælder både, når forventningens glæde spirer inden en rejse – eller i de nervøse stunder i hospitalets venteværelse. Luisa Allegri har designet en kollektion af tekstiler specielt til områder, hvor mennesker venter. Hun fokuserer på de behov, de ventende har for privatliv, muligheden for en stille samtale eller bare en dæmpning af den ydre støj. Æstetikken og samspillet med lyset er prioriteret i designet af møbelstof, lofter, gardiner og rumdelere.

Fabrics for Reflection while Waiting
Waiting times can feel unbearably long. This applies both to the joy of expectation that arises before a journey – or to the nervous moments in the hospital's waiting room. Luisa Allegri has designed a collection of textiles specifically for areas where people are waiting. She focusses on the needs of those who are waiting, the need for privacy, the possibility of having a quiet conversation or just a reduction of the external noise. The aesthetics and the interaction with the light are prioritised in the design of furniture fabrics, ceilings, curtains and room dividers.

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