The Jewsai Collection by Louise Egebro



Louise Egebro
Line of study
Project type
Graduation Project
MP Socks
Gabriel A/S

The Jewsai Collection

In my graduation project, I have worked with two different cultures that through their clothing signals and communicates their social and cultural manifesto.

The two main elements that constitute the essence of both research, concept development and the primary expression of my clothing will include Judaism and Masai warriors.

The starting point for the task has been to fragment the two cultures in an attempt to understand both, without ever having travelled either in Africa or Israel.

My project serves as a form of multi-cultural knowledge, where I through a selective maneuver have chosen to implement and especially integrate different cultural aesthetic effects in the composition of a new context, for really finding that men’s fashion has really begun to highlight itself as the new kid in school.

The style is traditional but with casual street wear futuristic details merged with exciting avant-garde references.

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