Knot by Emil Søgård Jacobsen



Emil Søgård Jacobsen
Line of study
Industrial Design
Design Academie Eindhoven


I made a structure without a purpose, and it continue to compel me to imagine a uses for it.

It is a light wooden structure with knots tying the corners together. I call them knots as they are different than joints. Furniture joints are usually small and hidden and slightly mysterious, but these are bigger than the main structure, but still not obvious as to how they are held together. I want to explore the possibilities of the structure and to give it function.

The project started with a fascination of joining surfaces and experiments on how to make visible joints in different materials. Amongst these experiments was a wooden knot, that caught my attention, it was made like a wooden puzzle, all the pieces can be slid into place and the knot locks like a knot does when you pull the ends of a robe. By extending some of the ends, it became possible to create structure with eight knots. It is made from 22 x 22 millimetre oak laths that can be assembled by sliding the pieces of the puzzles together.