Philip Jensen
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
MA project


In an online world filled with cute kittens and challenges, I ask – is there still a need for meaningful stories? If so, how do we tell them?

Social media is a fast-paced environment with new shows, algorithms and initiatives on Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. The Internet is awash in cat videos, silly memes and stories without content. All this is changing our way of communicating with each other. But even though it's hectic, there still is a need for authentic and meaningful stories. Philip Jensen has developed a premise that investigates how individuals as well as the news media can communicate both authenticity and meaning.

Det går stærkt på de sociale medier med nye shows, algoritmer og tiltag på Snapchat, Facebook og YouTube. Internettet bugner af kattevideoer, fjollede memes og historier uden indhold. Alt sammen noget, der ændrer vores måde at kommunikere med hinanden på. Men selvom det er hektisk, er der fortsat brug for de autentiske og meningsfyldte historier. Philip Jensen har fundet en præmis, der undersøger, hvordan man kan arbejde med at kommunikere autenticitet og mening, både som privatperson og som et nyhedsmedie.

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