Moderne amuletter by Ela Pietak



Ela Pietak
Line of study
Accessory Design
Project type
Rådet for Sikker Trafik

Ela Pietak

Meet Accessory Designer Elzbieta Pietak

En amulet for sikkerhed

En amulet for sikkerhed
Kan sikkerhed indlejres i tilbehør til mode? Med sin kollektion af elegante, reflekterende accessories i form af bælte, smykke og taske bringer Ela Pietak beskyttelsen og sikkerhed tilbage i garderoben i en ny funklende udgave. Inspireret af diamanters refleksion og historiske smykker har hun designet en moderne version af sikkerhedsrefleksen. Den beskyttelse, som før var betroet en amulet, er nu konkretiseret i reflekser, som med deres æstetiske udtryk skal inspirere flere til at bruge dem.

An Amulet for Security
Can security be embedded in fashion accessories? With a new sparkling adaptation Ela Pietak’s collection of elegant, reflective accessories such as belts, jewellery and handbags, directs protection and security back into the wardrobe. Inspired by the reflection of the diamond and historic jewellery she has designed a modern version of the safety reflex. The protection that was previously entrusted to an amulet is now concretised in reflexes which, with their aesthetic expression, are meant to inspire more people to use them.

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