Reflect(ions) by Edit E Vizer



Edit E Vizer
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
Final master project
Sound Studies Lab, University of Copenhagen
IxDLab, IT University of Copenhagen
Tonometer / To Whom It May Concern


Interactive sound installation
– I designed a spatial installation / a space that is filled with sound, and I invite the participants to step in and experience.


Keywords: interaction design, constructive design research, study and design of experiences, self intimacy, sonic architecture, narratives, awareness, embodiment, sound atmospheres, intimate spaces, immersion

Self intimacy

Intimacy is important and is something that we all need in our lives. But what is intimacy exactly? And what is a sort of intimacy that does not involve others in a given situation?

It is the intimacy of the self, and it is not understood as relationship therapies promote it. It is the situation when you experience something special on your own. This type of experience can take various forms and can be put into a series of expressions.

I have been looking at this immaterial phenomenon and I (almost) scientifically looked closely at it. I have tried to define it as an experience. I have then tried to capture it in form of text, drawings, diagrams, and I established a library of these experience bits.
Furthermore I have been experimenting in order to find ways of how I could put this type of experience into physical form and material.

Because it is not enough to talk about intimacy. It is not enough only to understand it by words. We have to get to experience through our own body and intellect. This is the only way how we can attain self intimacy in our lives.
Therefore as a final presentation of my research process I am giving an example of how to materialize and facilitate self intimacy experiences.

Why is self intimacy important?
Self intimacy is the key to a series of things. If we are not able to attain it, we can risk to fall into unhappiness, depression, low self esteem, self destruction and no self respect. Just to mention a few examples.