Researching Empathy Through Staged Performance



My Body Your Room - Interactive Art Installation and Dance Performance

"My Body Your Room" is an interactive art installation combined with a modern dance performance.
It is also the research object for the Master thesis "Researching Empathy Through Staged Performance".
My Body Your Room is an audio-visual interactive art installation and dance performance, where the body of the performer is the source for the sound and the light behaviour in the room in real time. This artwork is an attempt to strengthen the relationship between the audience and performer through the dance and the installation in a theatrical setting. The audience will have an immersive and multi-sensory experience inside the performance room, which reflects what happens inside the body of the performer through his heart rate and breathe. A heart rate sensor and a microphone are attached to the body of the performer in order to send inputs to the installation in real time. In that way, the performer interacts directly with the installation and the whole room becomes the medium for the interaction between the performer and the audience.

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