SOLVED WITH A KNOT by Pernille Birk Zachariassen



Pernille Birk Zachariassen
Line of study
Project type
Graduation Project
Ole B. Christensen, Furrier and Jette Romvig, Inwear Design Manager


For fashion designer, Pernille Birk Zachariassen, the knot in clothing context signals unpredictability, functionality, rich detail and play – a potential she recognises could be incorporated in commercial garments.

In her graduation project she interprets the knot as follows: “My starting point for the graduation collection was to interpret the knot and incorporate it as a design technique. The knot in itself is fixed lines that create new lines that meet and form a centre where the lines meet,” she says. Five selected suitable types of clothing – a blazer, a pair of jeans, a skirt, a shirt and a top - serve as a basis for the collection building.