Waste of our time by Maria Viftrup



Maria Viftrup
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ARoS Kunstmuseum
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Maria Viftrup

Meet Textile Designer Maria Viftrup

Skønheden i vores affald

Skønheden i vores affald
Maria Viftrup er besat af at se det smukke i det grimme. Med kunstnerens blik kaster hun sig over jordens enorme affaldsmængder og inddrager os i sociale oplevelser med at sortere affald efter materiale, farve eller funktion. Hun lærer os at se skønheden og potentialet i brugt emballage, gamle kaffefiltre eller måske vores afklippede hårtotter. Den prisvindende designer har findelt et væld af materialer, som genopstår som 208 farvepigmenter. Det åbner vores øjne for, at affaldet kan få et nyt liv i en ny form.

The Beauty in our Waste
Maria Viftrup is obsessed with seeing the beauty in ugliness. With the artist's gaze, she immerses herself in the huge amounts of waste found on earth and draws us into the social experience of sorting waste by material, colour or function. She teaches us to see the beauty and the potential of used packaging, old coffee filters or perhaps our cut tufts of hair. The award-winning designer has shredded a host of materials that have been resurrected as 208 colour pigments. It opens our eyes to the possibility of waste acquiring a new life in a new form.

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