WEAVING THE TOWN by Astrid Karup Dinesen



Astrid Karup Dinesen
Line of study
Project type
Graduation Project
Christiansfeld Centeret


Christiansfeld is one of the few Danish towns on UNESCO’s Heritage Site list, and if it is up to textile designer Astrid Karup Dinesen the town should now be experienced in a new and different way. Her graduation project,’WEAVING Christiansfeld’, is a new initiative that will give visitors and residents of Christiansfeld a sensual experience of town and create increased attention about the town’s unique character.

The concept is a workshop open for everyone.Astrid Karup Dinesen has taken photos of the town – the colour of a door and the plantings of theComenius Garden – that appear as patterns on a postcard. Visitors wrap their own compositions with a colour scale from the town around these postcards.