Youth talkshow for teens by Solveig Solando



Solveig Solando
Line of study
Project type
MA project
Sex & Samfund


Collaboration with Danish Family Planning Association on a YouTube channel for tweens

‘Do you have children who navigate daily in the digital sphere? ‘Kanal Privat’ is a youth talkshow, which enables children from the Post-Millennial generation to discover their potential through the handling and sharing of social and bodily apprehensions in a well-known digital reality: YouTube. Growing up is still filled with the same difficulties we experienced ourselves; bullying, friendships, puberty, body, sexuality and love, are all matters that take a lot of energy to handle and with the digital layers applied, it becomes even more complicated for a digital native to navigate in a modern reality. The aim of the project is to create a socially inclusive realm that facilitates sharing of personal stories and provides playful guidance to grown-up life.

#kanalprivat #socialmedia #storytelling #post-millennials #multidisciplinarydesigner

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