Jytte Susanne Møller

Accounts Assistant
Contact information
+45 91 33 30 45

How can I help?

  • Travel insurance when travelling under the auspices of Design School Kolding
  • Reimbursement of expenses on behalf of the school – (REJSUD) – (in case Kirsten Grønne is unavailable)
  • Invoice flow assistance – payment of invoices
  • Inventory system assistance – (the workshop store on the 3rd floor and the ID workshop) 
  • Miscellaneous questions regarding the school’s accounting/finances


  • Provision of timesheets (in case Anni Patrzalek is unavailable)
  • Questions regarding materials fees (in case Jette Martinussen is unavailable)
  • Questions regarding DSR, the Christmas Bazaar etc. (accounting/budget)