Design School Kolding’s library is an academic library with emphasis on design, crafts and art. The library’s collection consists of some 20,000 books and subscriptions to 70 journals.

The school’s students and staff have the option of searching in the books we have and ordering books online through our library system.

Opening hours
Monday–Thursday: 9.00–15.00
Friday: 9.00–13.00

The library is closed for lunch every day from 11.30–12.30



The canteen is the school’s meeting place and offers fresh, healthy dishes, often with southern European and Asian inspiration and spices. Where possible, the food is organic and made from scratch. The daily lunch buffet includes salads and various dips, dressings and hot dishes – always with a vegetarian option. The canteen offers freshly baked bread and cake every day. The canteen also provides catering for meetings held at the school and for special events throughout the year.

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In connection with the rental of the school’s facilities, the canteen offers catering for events, meetings and receptions - a so called Design meal. A Design meal is a tailor-made culinary experience created by the kitchen staff in collaboration with some of the school’s designers. A Design meal is based on the topics you are working with carefully adapted to your particular meeting. This ensures a common thread throughout the event, and participants are activated in an innovative way.

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8.30–14.30
Wednesday 10–13
Friday 8.30–13.30



On the 3rd floor you find the shop for the workshops. Here you can get yarn, textiles and all sorts of accessories. The shop is only for students and staff.

Opening hours:

Every day: 9.30 - 11.30



Design School Kolding knows the importance of putting design into practice and therefore prioritises good workshop facilities where students can work with their material 1:1. This is where students can experiment and develop their working methods, and where academic method and practice-based research meet.

The school’s workshops play a key role in the programme and consist of computer workshops, workshops for video and audio editing, graphics and printing, photography, model building in wood, metal, plastic etc., and weaving, knitting, fur, textile printing, cutting out and sewing workshops.

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In autumn 2013, Design School Kolding inaugurated a new auditorium with seating for 100 people. The auditorium features state-of-the-art audio, lighting and AV equipment.


The IT unit supports the programme, with facilities throughout the school. IT is part of the teaching in all areas of specialisation. From workshop courses in Photoshop and InDesign to more advanced digital workshops and laboratories for the development of computer games.

There is WiFi throughout the school.