Here you can find answers to a number of questions about the admission procedure

Questions and Answers

There is no required quotient for your qualifying exam. You must simply have passed.

The following examinations are recognised as qualifying examinations for admission to Design School Kolding:

  • A-Levels/Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination (in Denmark: STX)
  • Higher Preparatory Examination (in Denmark: HF)
  • Higher Commercial Examination (in Denmark: HHX)
  • Higher Technical Examination (in Denmark: HTX) 
  • Qualifying Vocational Examination (in Denmark: EUX)
  • Faroese Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination, Greenland’s Upper Secondary Education, Faroese Higher Preparatory Examination, Faroese Higher Commercial Examination, vocational upper secondary education for Higher Commercial Examination from Greenland, Faroese Higher Technical Examination, vocational upper secondary education for Higher Technical Examination from Greenland and examination from Duborg-Skolen or A. P. Møller Skolen
  • Special Programme for Foreign Language Students (in Denmark: GIF)
  • Danish/French Baccalaureate (DFB), European Baccalaureate (EB), International Baccalaureate (IB), International Option Baccalaureate (OIB) and Danish/German Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination (DIAP)
  • Foreign examination approved by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and recognised as equivalent to a qualifying examination

Exemption application?
If you do not have a qualifying examination, you must apply for an exemption from the admission procedure. The applicant must prepare a design assignment to fulfil the requirement for admission, see the instructions. If you are granted an exemption, it means that you can follow the admission procedure on an equal footing with the other applicants. If you are not granted an exemption, you are not eligible for consideration.

Read instructions for exemptions application (only available in Danish)

Still not sure if you have a qualifying examination?

You can search for your foreign examination in the examination handbook (only available in Danish) or contact the Student Administration.

If you will not be passing your qualifying examination until the summer, you should still apply via optagelse.dk by 15 March at 12.00. Once you've passed your exam in the summer, you must submit proof that you have passed your qualifying exam by 5 July at 12.00.

Exemption is valid for two years, so you needn't reapply every year. Therefore, if you have received an exemption from the admission requirements in 2018 or 2019, it is still valid for the application process this year.

Application should be made via optagelse.dk. Tick the box entitled “No basis for admission”, and later in the procedure you can indicate that you have exemption. You must also specify a file number. The file number for your application for exemption at Design School Kolding is your birthday (DDMMYY).

Scandinavian applicants (from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland) may apply for admission on the same terms as Danish applicants.

Apply via optagelse.dk without Danish CPR number. Follow the admissions guide from Design School Kolding.

In order to be eligible to apply for admission to an education programme, you must have successfully passed a qualifying examination.

  • Sweden: a 3-year upper secondary school education or equivalent.
  • Norway: achievement of general higher education qualification through a 3-year diploma from an upper secondary school or equivalent.
  • Iceland: A 4-year Studentsprof (Matriculation Examination) with at least 140 einingar (credits) or equivalent
  • Finland: both Ylioppilastutkintotodistus (Matriculation Examination) and lukion päättötodistustus (General Upper Secondary School Certificate)


Please go to Do I have a qualifying exam?

Foreign applicants whose qualifying examination does not have a Danish component must successfully pass a test in Danish language proficiency. Scandinavian applicants who are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, or foreign applicants who have Danish citizenship are exempt from this regulation. Design School Kolding requires foreign applicants to pass the ‘Studieprøven i Dansk som 2. sprog’ (Higher Education Examination of Danish as a Second Language, known as ’Danskprøve 2’ prior to 2004). The applicant must have passed the test in all subjects.

If, by the application deadline on 15 March at 12.00, you are signed up for Studieprøven, but have not yet passed it, you must submit documentation for the passed test by 12 noon on 5 July.

Design School Kolding has reserved a small number of standby spots (waiting list spaces) for which you can apply when you seek admission to the school. The standby spots are awarded to applicants whose admission score is not quite high enough for admission. If an admitted applicant decides not to accept his or her spot, it is offered to the applicant awarded a standby spot.

If you are awarded a standby spot but do not receive an offer of acceptance, your standby spot is automatically converted into an offer of acceptance for admission the following academic year to the department and line of study to which the application was accepted. You must, however, still apply for admission the following academic year.

You apply for a standby spot when you complete your online KOT application. So you cannot solely apply for a standby spot.

If you are awarded a standby spot, you will receive an email from us on 28 July, and you must be ready to accept the offer of a vacant study place right up until 12 August.

If you turn down a standby spot, you will lose the place and leave the standby system and the admission system.

Please be aware that this means that if you are offered a standby spot with an undertaking to start the next academic year, you will NOT be offered a study place at any of your lower priorities in this academic year.

The study programme is the programme you wish to follow. At Design School Kolding, you have four study programmes to choose from:

  • Fashion & Textile Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Communication Design
  • Accessory Design

Please note that Design School Kolding no longer coordinates with he Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design. This means that you should apply for both programmes at optagelse.dk. You should then follow the admissions procedure at both schools.

No we changed our admission procedure, so you no longer have to hand in a home assignment. Instead there is an admission test where you must bring your portfolio.

Please note that due to the corona virus outbreak, the admission test will not be held at the Design School Kolding this year. You will instead be able to take the test in your own home or any other place you like. You will recieve more information in your information letter after the application deadline 22 March. 

To be considered for a study place, you must attend the admission interview in Kolding. Design School Kolding makes no exception to this rule, even if the applicant is abroad. Applicants who fail to turn up for their admission interview are excluded from the admissions procedure.

You can ONLY take part in the admission interview by turning up at the time specified in your letter. If you fail to turn up, you will no longer be included in the admissions procedure and cannot therefore be admitted.

10 and 11 June 2020: You can collect your portfolio at the school between 8.30 – 15.30. If you are unable to collect your materials, please contact the Study Administration.

Unfortunately, Design School Kolding has fewer places than applicants who have passed the entrance exam. So only the applicants with the highest score in the admissions procedure are offered a study place.

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