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Here you can find answers to a number of questions about the MA programme admission procedure

Questions & Answers

There is no required quotient for your qualifying exam. You must simply have passed.

You can apply for the Master’s Degree Programme if you have a relevant BA degree in design or a basic design education or similar at Bachelor level, see more info here. If you wish to apply, you must submit your application online by 1 March in the year you wish to be admitted. Graduates of Design School Kolding’s Bachelor Programme are automatically accepted to the Master’s Degree Programme the year they graduate and the following two years. If you wish to apply, you must contact the Study Administration by 1 March in the year you wish to be admitted.

If you will not be passing your qualifying examination until the summer, you should still apply at our website. However, you must state clearly that you are still studying, and upload proof of studies stating your expected graduation date from your current place of study, as well as a transcript of records (passed exams so far). As soon as possible you must send us your BA diploma, or a transcript of records stating that you have finished your degree. Design School Kolding must receive this on 1 August at the latest.

You may apply for exemption from the qualifying exam if special circumstances apply. The application must be in writing and be substantiated, and any relevant documentation must be enclosed. The application will be processed by the Study Administration. The deadline for submission of the exemption application is 1 March and the exemption application must be submitted when you apply for admission.

The school can make special consideration for certain types of disabilities. Applications for special considerations must be attached to the admission application along with all necessary documentation. The school must receive the application by 1 March in the year you wish to be admitted.

Please go to Do I have a qualifying exam?

If you already hold an MA degree from a Danish university, you cannot be accepted to the programme unless special circumstances apply. Please contact the Study Administration if you have any questions.

If you already hold an MA degree from a non-Danish foreign university, you cannot be accepted to the programme unless special circumstances apply. Please contact the Study Administration if you have any questions.

The study programme is the programme you wish to follow. At Design School Kolding, you have three study programmes to choose from:
• Design for People
• Design for Planet
• Design for Play

Design School Kolding does not conduct formal admission interviews. Instead, you are asked to upload a short film as part of your application. However, if we need you to elaborate on your application, we might subsequently ask you to participate in a Skype interview.

Please make a two-minute video pitch to present yourself and why you want to pursue an MA degree in Design. For one of the two minutes you must speak directly into the camera.

The Master’s Degree Programme is free of charge for applicants from EU or EEA countries. For other applicants, the tuition fee amounts to €13,000 per study year (2018 figure) to be paid bi-annually.

For more information, please contact the Study Administration.

Design School Kolding offers three scholarhips and you can also apply through other channels. Read more

Sources of information on scholarships
Several scholarship programmes for both EU and non-EU students are listed at the EU-database Ploteus. PhD students and researchers should visit the European Researchers' Mobility Portal.

The Danish State Educational Support (SU)
The Danish State Educational Support (SU) is generally only awarded to Danish residents. As an international student you may, however, apply for equal status in so far as the state educational support is concerned. You may be granted equal status according to:

Danish rules

EU law

For details on how to apply, visit the website of the Danish Education Support Agency.

If you are accepted, Design School Kolding will begin the Visa application process for you.

All young people, who are taking a government-approved education can apply for at student flat. There is a housing guarantee for all students who move to Kolding in order to study. Please visit the website Studentkolding.dk

Some students choose to share flats with each other. You can look for roomies on https://www.facebook.com/groups/DSKDUNDERGRUND/ where you can also get in touch with your future fellow students.

Design School Kolding cannot help you find accommodation – this is your own responsibility.

All students at Design School Kolding have to pay a materials fee. According to Design School Kolding’s vision, the workshops are one of the most important elements. Design School Kolding has several workshops which all students have access to. The workshops supply various elements, which combined with the materials fee ensures, that the students have the materials necessary to ensure a high quality of the practical part of the education.

If you are staying in Denmark on a residence permit, i.e., if you are here for at least three months, you are automatically included in the Danish Health Insurance Scheme after you have a Civil Personal Registration (CPR) number which takes several weeks to obtain. This gives you the right to free medical treatment by a general practitioner and in public hospitals. It does not cover transportation to your home country, if needed.

Please note that you must be covered by your own personal health insurance when entering Denmark, which must be valid at least until the Danish Health Insurance Scheme covers you.

The school does not have any form of insurance, so you are required to take out both a third-party liability insurance, covering expenses if you have to pay compensation to another person - as well as a personal accident insurance, covering the financial consequences of an accident.

Please visit the website StudyinDenmark.dk

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