In the Intersection between Art and Design, 2D and 3D

Kristine Mandsberg attended Design School Kolding from 2003 to 2006 and graduated with a degree in Textile Design. Afterwards she completed her Master’s degree at The Royal College of Art in London specializing in printed textile.

From 2008 she has worked from her own studio in Copenhagen – freelancing for a variety of clients and working on different illustration, art and installation projects. Her work is extremely diverse but always carries her distinct style, where illustrations, patterns and materials come together in different objects, costumes, artworks, installations, animations, papercuts, illustrations etc.

Kristine has worked with clients such as IKEA, WGSN, Ferm Living and HAY, for whom she has developed artworks and illustrations for textile collections, kidswear and interior products.

She has also worked on more art-based projects and has been granted a residency at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen several times; she has also been supported financially by the Danish Arts Foundation.

At the residencies at the Danish Art Workshops, Kristine has worked with textiles in combination with animation, designed a collection of printed textiles and developed the concept and the first prototypes for ‘Soft Sculpture’ (see photo). The concept Soft Sculpture is based on the idea of working with textiles, textures and patterns in a 3D context such as a space. She has been working with materials from a 2D perspective and then contextualizing them in a 3D object to make the installation a visual and physical experience for the viewer – with a strong emphasis on the craft, materials, patterns and textures. The objects are also an investigation of the nature of modern textile design questioning the purpose of textiles, patterns and materials in a spatial context. Soft Sculpture is an ongoing project which has been developed into several physical objects.

Equal emphasis on the brain and the hands
My story is very much a cliché - I always knew I wanted to be a designer!

I grew up in Kolding, very close to ‘Volkerts Fabrikker’, where Design School Kolding was situated at that time. I knew that something very special was going on in there, and my parents always told me that I had to practise very hard to be able to attend a school like that – so I practised and practised!

When I actually decided to apply, it was therefore very natural for me to attend Design School Kolding. However, I was very uncertain which subject area I should choose. I ended up going for textile design, as it seemed like an education that had a very broad profile in terms of what kind of designer I could end up as, after graduating.

I also really appreciated that this was an education where the work of the brain and the work of the hands were valued equally – which has always been the most important aspect for me when choosing to become a designer.

Now working as a professional independent textile designer and thinking back, it was definitely the right choice. The core of my work is still based around surface design, materials, textures, patterns and colours, and I love how these ‘things’ can be applied to all kinds of contexts.

My work is therefore still very versatile, and I feel comfortable working at the intersection between art and design, 2D and 3D. I apply my knowledge in lots of different contexts and with lots of different clients and projects, always making use of the core knowledge and skills of a textile designer I initially gained at Design School Kolding.