Fashion can be Profoundly Intelligent, Super Commercial and Poptastic

We both chose to study fashion because of our fascination with the many possibilities and ways to work in this field. Fashion is often accused of being very superficial, but for us it has endless possibilities and can be both profoundly intelligent and super commercial and poptastic. We chose Design School Kolding because of its conceptual approach to fashion that fit our mindset very well. The methods we were taught to develop ideas and come up with expressions and solutions or how to put a project together are all knowledge we use every day and which are the foundation of our company.

We launched our company straight after graduation, and from the start we were hired to apply our fashion method to new kinds of projects. A design education gives you great tools to come up with unique visual ideas for any given task, and for many years we have worked with all the different aspects associated with the product – visual identity, interior design, creative direction, campaigns, events/ shows and tone of voice for very, very different clients (see below). We have lately moved towards the place where it all started and the core of each project – the product – and for us it is a natural way to close the circle.

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