Several current and former Design School Kolding students and staff members have attracted, and continue to attract, a great deal of attention in the design world.

Ruben Bjerg Hansen, graphic designer

Issuu is a Danish IT company established in 2007 by Ruben Bjerg Hansen, Martin Ferro Thomsen and Mikkel Jensen.

Issuu, which is pronounced like the English word "issue", is behind an online publishing platform for magazines and publications. Today, Issuu gathers 11 million publications in a gigantic network, that everyone can have free access to.

72 million people read publications through Issuu's system today, and every day, 21,000 new publications are added to the network.

In 2009, was named as one of the world's 50 best websites by the Times. Sunstone Capital has put money into Issuu several times.

Louise Hindsgavl, ceramicist

Louise Hindsgavl is known for her imaginative porcelain figures, which have a captivating beauty, but on closer inspection, details reveal that destruction, egoism and thoughtlessness are at play, but with a strong undercurrent of humour.

Louise Hindsgavl graduated from Design School Kolding in 1999 and has since focused on her porcelain characters, which have been exhibited in most parts of the world and have a permanent place in museums such as the Victoria & Albert in London and the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

In 2011, she exhibited together with the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei in Germany. In 2012, she entered into a collaboration agreement with Kähler for the series Stories of Eve.

In January 2014, a large solo exhibition opened in Hong Kong and a smaller one in Istanbul.

Later in 2014, her works will be exhibited at a large group exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and here in Denmark, a major solo exhibition opens at Rønnebæksholm Arts and Culture Centre, where her works are staged by set designer Mia Stensgaard.

Cato Thau-Jensen, illustrator

Cato Thau-Jensen is known for his wild, colourful and sometimes grotesque and slightly surreal paintings used as illustrations in several children's picture books, which always have humour as their weapon.

Thau-Jensen graduated from Grafisk Skole in Aarhus and the illustration line at Design School Kolding in 1996. He made his début as an illustrator in 1995 with illustrations for Kim Fupz Aakeson's "Og så er det godnat" (And so it's goodnight), and he has since received several literary awards, including the Danish Ministry of Culture's Illustrator Award.

Rebekka Bay

Rebekka Bay has previously received international acclaim for her work as the driving force of the H&M-owned fashion company COS, where she was head designer based in London from 2006 and five years on.

In April 2011, she became creative director and head designer for the Danish fashion house Bruuns Bazaar. Her design DNA is known for being minimalist and clean-cut, and a far cry from the somewhat more relaxed, typical American style that characterises the GAP chain which headhunted Rebekka Bay in October 2012. She is now the Creative Director, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Design, based in New York.

GAP had a turnover last year of $14.5 billion worldwide, and in addition to the GAP stores, the company also owns the chains Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime. Rebecca Bay is an associate professor at Design School Kolding.