10th grade design

The state school Brændkjærskolen and Design School Kolding behind new design programme for 10th graders

Do you like to experiment? Are you curious? Do you like working with new ideas? As of next school year, young 10th graders who are able to answer ‘yes’ to some of these questions will have the chance to join a new design programme. The programme is organised in collaboration with Brændkjærskolen, and in the long run Design School Kolding hopes to be able to recruit young students.

- Some wrongly believe that design is all about glamour. Therefore it’s important that we give the young people a realistic image of what it means to study design, says Lone Dalsgaard who is Head of Education at Design School Kolding.

Boys and girls both
10th Design is the name of the new programme that will teach young people to work with design and design processes in a variety of ways, including product design, visual communication and experiences.

- The teaching will be theoretical as well as practical, Lone Dalsgaard explains.

Almost one third of the lessons will be taught at Design School Kolding. So far, there are two long projects planned that will be linked to an internship. The students will learn design methods and will work with design hands-on. The programme is targeted at boys and girls both.

- However, a significant part of the teaching will focus on technology and workshop activities in order to attract more boys to the design field than we usually see, says Lone Dalgaard, who expects a great deal of interest in the new programme.

Design, innovation and entrepreneurship will be the general headlines for the programme that starts in August 2016.