7 new demands for the textile industry

Six students from fashion and textiles, one new designer and four teachers from Design School Kolding participated in the world’s main sustainability event.

It is the third time that the Youth Fashion Summit gathers students, teachers and professors from more than 30 countries in an effort to develop sustainable strategies and challenge the existing textile industry. Two days of workshops and webinars resulted in knowledge sharing, discussions and finally seven individual demands for a better textile industry.

Kathrine Gram Hvejsel from Design School Kolding presented one of the seven demands in front of more than 1200 conference attendees and was afterwards interviewed for LESS Magazine. Katrine Gram Hvejsel graduates from Design School Kolding this summer specialising in sustainable fashion.

Associate Professor Vibeke Riisberg and PhD Student Else Skjold did a webinar presentation of "The Wardrobe Method” in which the wardrobe is perceived as a person’s individual story: Some clothes mean more than others. Some garments we keep forever and others we quickly discard. By studying someone’s wardrobe you can learn something important about durability: what characterises the items that have been kept, and maintained, for years? If you can find common denominators in a number of wardrobes, you can set up guidelines for designing durable design objects.

Design School Kolding's webinar received a standing ovation and Hamish Bowels from Vouge US said afterwards that "the eye-opening experience" had given him goosebumps.

Youth Fashion Summit is part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and was held at the Copenhagen Opera House.