And the nominees are...

Four designers from Design School Kolding and two collaboration projects have been nominated for the Danish Design Award

Rosa Tolnov Clausen is nominated for her project H.O.W. – Hands On Woven. Together with Blindes Arbejde (Work by the Blind) Rosa Tolnov Clausen has developed a tactile toolbox that includes the blind weavers in the design, development and production as co-designers. The H.O.W – Hands On Woven project also lets blind weavers create products that are viable in a commercial market.

Perhaps you saw Emma Jorn on Danish Television (Løvens Hule) where she was looking for an investor for her rainwear design. She found one in ILSE JACOBSEN Hornbæk and together they have launched Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk by Emma Jorn, which is stylish, yet bicycle-friendly rainwear – less boring and uber-practical. The rainwear is made of quality fabric in a unique fusion of Japanese and Nordic traditions combined with something entirely new.

Nominated is also Birkir Gudmunsson’s project for BlueKolding. Birkir Gudmunsson has created a bench with a built-in radiator that heats the benches to 25-30 degrees Celsius by using waste water energy.

Among the nominees is also Yellowone Handsafe, a wearable ”point of care” alcohol-based hand rub dispenser. Yellowone Handsafe was developed by Industrial Designer Hân Pham, who like Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Emma Jorn and Birkir Gudmunsson is trained at Design School Kolding.

Collaboration partners nominated
Finally, two collaboration projects have been nominated. One is VIGGA, the first brand ever to combine organic children’s fashion with the circular economy. A week before the baby’s birth, the first VIGGA bag with clothes arrives. When the clothes become too small they are sent back to VIGGA, and a new collection in the next size up arrives. Read more

And last but not least the project Capital of Children, which is an ambitious vision to develop a great, open-ended urban environment totally designed for creativity, learning and playfulness within the city of Billund – the home of LEGO. Design School Kolding collaborates with the Capital of Children on the Play User Lab, which offers development programmes for small and medium-sized companies and where companies, designers, practitioners and researchers work together to create optimum learning through play experiences for and with children using child-centred design methods. Read more

Congratulations all nominees - including Design School Kolding's collaboration partner Trefor for the nomination of their electric vehicle called Tripl!