Beautiful design by blind

Visually impaired co-create and design beautiful pillow designs

A designer and Work by the Blind enable the visually impaired to co-create and design their own woven pieces.

Textile Designer from Design School Kolding Rosa Tolnov Clausen has created a tactile toolbox for visually impaired weavers that allows the weavers to work using their sense of touch. The toolbox enables them to make technical choices and combine these in a piece of textile which they weave. The textiles they create are unique and each weaver becomes a co-designer. Afterwards the textiles are used to make pillows.

The project was realised in 2013 in connection with Rosa Tolnov Clausen’s graduation project and the results are convincing. A collection of pillows made from 100% wool have been accepted as part of the Danish Crafts Collection18 and exhibited in Paris at the Maison & Object Fair.

Rosa Tolnov Clausen and Work by the Blind continue their collaboration, for instance of improving the co-creation tools.

You can buy the pillows at Work by the Blind in Aarhus and on

Work by the Blind is an inclusive workplace. Since 1929 the company has employed visually impaired individuals and produced various arts and crafts.