Capture the future and act today

Seven companies in future workshop at Design School Kolding.

- Everything we learned last year is outworn today. Our current systems are too slow for a world where some players will always be able to move faster than you. We need systems that we can transform.

- You shouldn't be afarid to outmatch yourself. Kodak was - and they went bankrupt because of it.

- We need to start with the customers' needs rather than the technology.

- We need to get closer to the customers. We should sell services rather than products.

These four suggestions were presented at a future workshop focusing on sustainable interruptions and sustainable welfare at Design School Kolding. They were written down and will be focal areas within the individual companies.

30 participants from seven companies completed an intense programme: an introduction to the design process, a talk by Rector Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen about the role of design, and a lecture on "20 future trends" by Claus Kjeldsen, the Director of Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. The participants also shared insights and outcome of being part of the project Sustainable Interruptions and Sustainable Welfare.

- We would like to have had more time for knowledge-sharing, some said during the final evaluation. – Suddenly, new obstacles occurred which I would have liked to discuss with outsiders with new angles, said Merete Erenskjold Kristensen, Head of Development at Viking Life-Saving Equipment.

Everyone had the opportunity to use some of the methods of design thinking. Head of Development at Design School Kolding, Mette Mikkelsen, introduced methods for creating future scenarios to give the participants a taste of how to quickly identify business methods across sectors and business areas.

The seven participating companies were:

Viking Life Saving Equipment




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