Decision tool for breast cancer patients

Doctors, nurses, patients and designers develop a decision tool that helps women with breast cancer.

Vera is 61 and has a positive outlook. Mette is 44 and confused. Henriette is 36 and critical. They have one thing in common: They have all had breast cancer and surgery – and now they all have to decide whether to accept further treatment in order to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Vera, Mette and Henriette are made-up characters but they share a great resemblance with the majority of the patients that the Design School Kolding designers encountered when they developed their decision tool. A piece of material that intends to prepare them for the decision whether or not to accept further treatment – with the risks entailed in either decision.

The decision tool has been developed as part of a collaboration agreement between Design School Kolding and Hospital Lillebælt. Hospital Director Dorthe Crüger is very pleased with the result and the process where “designers, clinical staff and patients have joined their creative forces.”

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