Design School Kolding lights up the container

Experience the spectacular light installation, Ciclo, during Kolding Light Festival from 11 - 13 December

Four futuristic rings made from polished steel pipes that will hypnotise you with their fluorescent lights. Design School Kolding exhibits the container installation Ciclo at this year's Kolding Light Festival from 11-13 December.

Ciclo was originally designed for Design School Kolding's exhibition The Tube. The Tube was presented earlier this year at the annual Milan Design Week: seven containers each containing a project completed in collaboration between a Design School Kolding designer and a selected company. Ciclo is the result of a collaboration between Osmund Olsen from Design School Kolding and pump manufacturer Grundfos.

The idea of the Kolding Light Festival is to use light and sound to convey a new and very different experience of Kolding. Video light, interactive installations and light art will completely transform the city space.

Designer: Osmund Olsen
Company: Grundfos