Design School Kolding winners

Three former students from Design School Kolding won a Danish Design Award for their visionary space project

We celebrate the difference design can make!

This was the headline of the prestigious Danish Design Award competition held Monday 28 May at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen.

In the eyes of the jury, three Design School Kolding MA graduates - Iga Slowik, Claudia Naval and Paul Lequay - stood out with the difference they are making, so much so that they won the Young Talent category.

"The journey from Earth to Mars lasts 221 days. That was the basic premise of Iga Slowik, Claudia Naval and Paul Lequay’s extraordinarily visionary design for NASA. The project, which consists of a number of technical devices, reflects a high degree of insight into astronauts’ needs. All in all a convincing and thoroughly thought-out but also playful and engaging design project," the jury said.

A Kolding celebration
Design School Kolding was heavily represented in the Young Talent category. Of the nine nominees, it said 'trademark Kolding' on eight of them - something Rector Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen was pleased to see:

"I'm extremely proud of our placement in this year's Danish Design Award, and of the fact that the nominated projects truly represent 21st century Danish Design. We are cultivating the Danish Design DNA in favour of solutions that address the problems of our time. For instance, the winning project with NASA focuses on solutions that make it easier for people to live together in a limited space. Something that doesn't necessarily only refer to conditions in outer space," she says, referring to issues of population growth.

Additional Design School Kolding nominees
Textile Designer Kristine Boesen
Designer duo Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita
Fashion Designer Mathilde Bess
Fashion Designer Solveig Søndergaard