DesignCamp gets DKK 300,000

Trefor awards DKK 300,000 to the DesignCamp to help designers realise their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Every fourth Design School Kolding graduate attempts to start his or her own business but sadly the dream doesn't always come to life. Hopefully, this year's DesignCamp at Design School Kolding can help change this.

Danish utility company Trefor has just awarded DKK 300,000 to the DesignCamp and the money will be spent on helping the participants succeed as entrepreneurs.

’Entrepreneurship Boot Camp’ is the name of the initiative which is targeted at design students who will learn to make an idea sustainable and relevant - in terms of technology, business and users.

Focus will be on business development, forms of collaboration, networking and expert validation of the individual ideas. Both Danish and international design students will be participating.

Trefor set up the pool in the spring of 2013 with the aim to support development projects, education, research, culture, entrepreneurship and green business growth in the Triangle Region and the Region of Southern Denmark. 

Trefor awarded a total of DKK 5 mio. to 28 different projects.