DesignCamp2014 like an open book

Be inspired to take a different path with the new DesignCamp publication.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Yet, this may seem confusing and impossible when, as a company, you already feel committed to one specific product and to one specific industry. This is where the term "sidestepping" comes in. "Sidestepping" means to step into a new area of business using the same competences, services or technologies which are already used to run the company and so successfully combine the skills and know-how of one field with the needs of another. The outcome: Innovative solutions, new possibilities, bigger revenues.

The DesignCamp2014 explored the term "sidestepping" and those welfare processes, systems, products and services which help create ”the good life” for the citizens of our society. Based on design thinking principles the camp focused on establishing the possibilities of businesses to move into the welfare industry and create innovation, growth and value.

During the two-week camp in October 2014, design students from around the world developed concrete welfare products and concepts for selected companies, including a shopping app for elderly people.

We have distilled all of the projects and insights from the DesignCamp2014 and made it into a publication called Welfare as Good Business. Check it out and become inspired.

Selected quotes from the book
"Sidestepping is someting we would like to work with, and we are considering including designers in future projects - both to challenge our usual process but also to optimize it and get a differemt angle on it."
Morten Erikstrup, Head of Development at Frøslev Træ

"We have received a finished game plan with only a few unknown factors. Impressive work in just a few day."
Mikkel Overgaard, Partner at &hype

"Personally I think it is a great idea, and it is well spotted that you can use a small part of our product and adapt it to the home care industry. the solution was very niceely presented as a prototype."
Søren Bruncke Mikkelsen, Technical Community Manager at Schneider Electric