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This year's annual DesignCamp at Design School Kolding is about "sidestepping" into new areas of business, specifically the welfare business. The Camp includes a business conference and a design course for trained designers. Sign up today!

Under the headline "Welfare as Good Business" the DesignCamp2014 develops and boosts the possibilities of businesses to “sidestep” and influence those welfare processes, systems, products and services which help create ”the good life” for the citizens of our society.

“Sidestepping” means for a company to step into a new area of business using the same competences, services or technologies which are already used to run the company and so successfully combine the skills and know-how of one field with the needs of another. This will generate innovative solutions, new possibilities and bigger revenues.

For companies and stakeholders, the DesignCamp2014 offers:

  • Conference - Wednesday 1 October 2014
    Get input and inspiration for how to explore new business opportunities by tapping into the welfare market.

For trained designers DesignCamp2014 offers:

  • Design Course - Thursday and Friday 2 and 3 October 2014
    Learn about user-centered design. Get knowledge and tools for how to explore the world of the user and discover new needs and design challenges.