DesignCamp2015 from the inside

Experience or re-experience highlights from this year’s DesignCamp in a new digital publication

We have collected the most important insights and results in a digital publication, which you can view in either an e-book or a pdf version. Check out the students’ projects, view their films and find links to them and their partner companies. If you want to experience or re-experience the conference speakers, you can do that too.

In addition to the digital publication we have made a small leaflet with a camp introduction that you are welcome to view or download as well.

About DesignCamp2015
DesignCamp 2015 was hosted by Design School Kolding in September/October under the headline Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship. For two weeks, 11 companies and 42 design students from across the world worked together to design solutions that create social and economic value.

One of the companies, Easyfood, received a concept which can potentially reform the company culture: a system that brings together management and production employees as well as users from Kolding’s Folkekøkken (a local soup kitchen) to engage in conversation.

Another local company, Isabella, had no recycling programme for used awnings but now they do! The design students have set up a cycle where used awnings are reused as materials to create bags, which are made and sold by less fortunate individuals, e.g. homeless. They can support themselves and Isabella will also get a return for the cost they incurred AND a new narrative for their products.

Lammhults has a new system, Comma, which enables them to make the transition from library shelving and accessory provider to a pro-active company, which addresses social needs with their products. In short, the system invites the users to become community makers and influence the products and spaces they are using through facilitated co-creation workshops with designers and experts.

Next Camp on sustainability
In 2015-18, Design School Kolding has dedicated our international DesignCamp to exploring our strategic focus areas further. The areas are social inclusion, sustainability, and play. The next DesignCamp will take place in weeks 5-7 in 2017 and will tune in on sustainability.

Please contact Head of LAB for Sustainability and Design, Lykke Kjær, if you would like to learn more.

DesignCamp2015 is organised in collaboration between Design School Kolding, D2i - Design to innovate, Syddansk Vækstforum, TREFOR and the EU Social Fund.

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