DesignCamp2015 on social innovation

This year’s annual DesignCamp focuses on design and entrepreneurship as drivers for social value creation. Register now!

This means that DesignCamp2015 centres social innovation and tunes in on how to use innovation to improve society and create social value. We explore the concept of social innovation, why we need to focus on it, and how to address it from a design professional and business perspective.

Using a design-oriented and entrepreneurial approach, DesignCamp2015 thus sets out to produce new ideas and concepts within a social economic context. Solutions that are based on a sense of social responsibility, build on companies’ existing resources and competences, and generate innovation and social value.

DesignCamp2015 is in English and is a masterclass for invited students from some of the world’s leading design schools.

During the DesignCamp2015 you can register for the following events:

  • Half-day BusinessConference on 29 September – read more
  • Two-day Masterclass for trained designers on 29-30 September – read more

If you have a company and would like to have more control over your social bottom-line, you can sign up as a case company at DesignCamp2015. Please contact Project Manager Karsten Bech to learn more – cell: +45 22 51 09 15 e-mail:

DesignCamp2015 is organised in collaboration between Design School Kolding, D2i - Design to innovate, Syddansk Vækstforum, TREFOR and the EU Social Fund.